Flashback! Before Plant Slant Journey

Welcome to Flashback April!

Approximately one year ago April 2017, before Plant Slant Journey was even a thing, Barbara and I were trying to live a healthier lifestyle (just like many other people). We came across Blue Zones and we loved the message and soon became ambassadors. Our “Journey” caught the attention of a couple of magazines and our 15 minutes of fame was on display for all to see and read. Click here to learn more about Blue Zones and their Power9.

Keep in mind, we were just 2 regular people. We often talked and said things like “We should be eating healthier or we should be more active.” How many of you have had similar thoughts or conversations with a friend or loved one? We were lucky enough to have Blue Zones enter our community at the end of 2015. They held workshops to learn more about how to live longer, healthier. We fell in love with the message which gave us the incentive to change “should” to “let’s do it.”

Here’s what happened next.

Barbara and Doug from Plant Slant Journey on the Cover of the April 2017 Estero Life Magazine.


We were interviewed by our local magazine about our involvement with Blue Zones. We had no idea we would end up on the cover until some of our friends starting texting us the photo. Wow! Were we surprised. The same month, we also ended up in GulfShore Life Magazine, although not on the cover.


Can The People of Estero “Live Longer, Better?”






Barbara and Doug in April 2017 edition of Gulfshore Life Magazine

Here are the links to the 2 articles I referenced above.

Click here to read the Estero Life Magazine article about our Journey with Blue Zones.

Here is the link to the April 2017 GulfShore Life Magazine article about Blue Zones including an interview with Barbara and Doug. Click here to check it out!

We wondered what we were going to do in May to top this. Our friends were telling us how they were inspired by the changes we made in our lives and that we need to tell our story to a wider audience. And that my friends, is how Plant Slant Journey was created.

We hope you will go back and read some of our previous posts on some of the tips that have helped us take this Journey. Click here to learn more about Plant Slant Journey. Want to read more posts from Plant Slant Journey, click here.

That’s our story. What about yours? We would love to hear from you on the changes you have made to your lifestyle and learn what incentivized you to be a better you.

Enjoy the Journey!

Barbara and Doug



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