3 Tips To Turn Your 2018 Around


It has been awhile since we last chatted. So, how is 2018 treating you so far? If you created your New Year’s Resolutions, have you had a chance to review them? Hopefully, you read our post titled Tips For Making New Year’s Resolutions. If not, click here to read it now, we’ll wait. Now you know that I added a reminder to my schedule (1st of every month) to review my resolutions. It is a way to keep them in your mind. You could post them somewhere (like on your refrigerator) as well. The good news is that we are only a couple of months into the year, so there is no reason not to either make some resolutions now (again, refer back to our post) or refer back to the ones you previously made. If you are not a believer of resolutions, then stay tuned, as we have 3 tips for you below.

If you had to grade yourself on your performance relative to your resolutions, what would it be? For me, I am not to happy with my start and would grade myself a C. I did really good on some and not so good on others. The good news is there are still many months left in the year to turn it around.

For the rest of you who either didn’t write any resolutions or don’t believe in their power, let me offer you 3 tips which are really quite easy.

  1.  Name 1 behavior that you wished you would stop doing immediately. Smoking or drinking soda come to mind.
  2. Name 1 behavior that you are not doing, but wish you were doing right now. There are probably a lot of things that come to mind, maybe starting a walking routine or an exercise routine. Don’t forget to check with your doctor prior to starting a new exercise regiment.
  3. Name 1 behavior that you started, but wish you were doing more of it. It could be that you are eating some fruits and veggies, but realize you should be eating a couple more servings per day.

Write down your 3 behavior changes and post them somewhere that you will see a couple times a day to remind yourself of your commitment. How easy was that? Three things to remember. You got this!

We will be checking back with you in a few months to check your progress.

Enjoy the Journey!

Barbara and Doug

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